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Ramondin tops the list of industry suppliers in the wine industry's First Corporate Social Responsibility Survey

  • It also ranked second across all categories —wineries, distributors and suppliers— after Grupo Eroski.
  • The poll was carried out by Mercados del Vino y la Distribución and the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid).

Ramondin ranked second in the wine industry's first Corporate Social Responsibility Survey among wineries, distributors and suppliers. Mercados del Vino y la Distribución and the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria sent a questionnaire to over 1000 wine industry businesses to survey their management model from three viewpoints: financial, social and environmental. The purpose of the study was to obtain a picture of CSR compliance in the Spanish wine industry —something which had never been done to date.

In the general category, Ramondin came in second behind the Eroski retail chain. Behind Ramondin were some top-level companies, including Codorniu, Torres, Emilio Moro, Protos and Abadia de Retuerta.

In the wine industry supplier category Ramondin ranked first, followed by Vidrala and Dolmar.


First Spanish Wine Industry CSR Survey. Source: Mercados del Vino y la Distribución.

Aspects covered by the survey include Ethical behaviour, Transparency and good governance, as well as Behaviour towards employees, Environment and climate change and Contribution to the local community.

Ethical behaviour

In the area of ethical behaviour, Ramondin stands out for its painstaking and useful code of ethics, which provides standards for the company's actions. Ethics is also present in communication campaigns and its relations with all the stakeholders. Ramondin's adherence to the United Nations Global Compact in 2013 is the best guarantee that the company zealously monitors ethical behaviour both within and without the organisation.


Transparency and good governance

Transparency and good governance also play a leading role within Ramondin to the point that they are included as part of the company's values. Transparency is applied both externally (online and offline communication with customers, satisfaction surveys, etc.) and to the members of the Organisation (there are systems in place to improve responsible management, channels of communication between management and employees, conflict resolution procedures, etc.)

Behaviour towards employees

 In the social sphere, Ramondin has always stood out for its exemplary social policy, being an important reference in its area of influence. The staff is firmly committed to the company. The guarantee of permanent, stable, well-paid employment, low employee turnover figures, flexible working conditions and the integration of equal-opportunity policies reinforce the company's commitment to its employees.

A decisive commitment to innovation and key strategic decisions have allowed Ramondin to develop new products and open new business lines, thereby ensuring the future of the company. The company has created 100 jobs since 2009, which shows, once again, the optimal results of its corporate policies. The overall number of employees has reached a figure of 550 worldwide, with 410 working at the Group's headquarters in Laguardia, Spain.

Environment and climate change

Environmental protection and care is instrumental in the development and management of the company. Its environmental commitment is structured through the implementation and certification of an Environmental Management System.

In this sense, Ramondin also holds the Comprehensive Environmental Authorisation, an accreditation that covers all the sectoral environmental authorisations that existed to date (production and waste management, discharge authorisations, etc.).

In addition, Ramondin has a long list of CSR actions integrated in the company’s general management to ensure economic development by applying major social policies.

Aware of the problems that arise from the use of organic solvents, and after a long research process, in 2003, Ramondin replaced 100% of its solvent-based inks with water-based inks in its tin capsule line, which again turned it into a pioneer, being the only company today to offer this type of product.

The Ramondin group has continued to improve its environmental management by integrating all areas of its organisation, undertaking numerous actions aimed at employing less polluting raw materials, reducing packaging, minimising waste, reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds, making better use of raw materials, reducing energy consumption and minimising water consumption.

Contribution to the community

The last aspect analysed is related to Ramondin's contribution to the local community. The company has signed numerous agreements with NGOs, foundations, schools, employment agencies for the disabled and implemented specific programmes, such as the Ramondin Apuesta grants to promote youth employment.

Ramondin carries out labour integration by hiring differently-abled employees. It collaborates with special centres and it has created a work enclave as a way of fostering employment. Ramondin also stands out for the involvement of its staff in carrying out collective donations when there are natural disasters (Haiti and Chile earthquakes) or participation in various NGOs.

In its collaborations with training centres, it works intensely on receiving relatives of employees and students from schools located close to our workplace.


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Ramondin tops the list of industry suppliers in the wine industry's First Corporate Social Responsibility Survey

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